Warehouse Logistics

Tunity Warehouse Management Systems via RFID, barcode and BLE are built with the future in mind.

The exponential growth of omnichannel shopping and ever-burgeoning demand for faster merchandise deliveries is redefining the supply. A seminal shift in how shoppers increasingly buy via multiple touch points — online from desktop computers, mobile devices and in-store — has created the need for the “smarter” warehouse to serve today’s connected consumer. Warehouse management systems must keep pace with:

  • Increased average number of SKUs
  • Increased Order volumes and Item level fulfilment
  • Shorter Product Life and Quicker turn around
  • Shorter “Acceptable” Turn-Around time
  • Shrinking Labor pool and Rising wages
  • High Staff turnover rates resulting in Shorter required Training cycles



Tunity’s Warehouse Management System Preview

  • Bulk printing – Easy and efficiently printing of tags in quantity
  • Warehousing – Smart RFID Tunnels for Receiving and Distribution of stocks to outlets
  • Retail Outlets Stock In/Out – Handheld readers for efficiency
  • Stock Transfer – Immediate update of stock location internally
  • Stock Check – Review and synchronize data instantly

Tunity’s Inventory Management Software are developed locally in-house and fully customizable


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