It is imperative for retail to digitalize to survive. Tunity’s Inventory Management Systems Software and RFID solutions help retailers address the industry essentials:

Customer wants:

Speed and convenience

Safe and frictionless checkouts (self-checkout booths)

Accurate pricing

Item availability

Blended in-store and online experiences


Retail frontliner wants:

Real Time Inventory visibility

Insightful analytics

Work Efficiency

Quicker Stock take


Business Owner wants:

Staff safety

Staff retention

Returning customers

Single source of truth platform for data



Tunity Retail Inventory Management System Preview

  • Bulk printing – Easy and efficiently printing of tags in quantity
  • Warehousing – Smart RFID Tunnels for Receiving and Distribution of stocks to outlets
  • Retail Outlets Stock In/Out – Handheld readers for efficiency
  • Stock Transfer – Immediate update of stock location internally
  • Stock Check – Review and synchronize data instantly

Tunity’s Inventory Management Software are developed locally in-house and fully customizable


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