Intelli - Scale

The Intelli-scale is a cutting-edge weighing scale solution that seamlessly combines precise weight measurements with advanced RFID integration. This intelligent system not only customizes weight capacity based on user specifications but also efficiently transfers data to your POS (PC) and, optionally, connects to the internet for real-time monitoring.

Dimensions configured for:  

Totes : 40 cm x 60 cm 

Bags : 90 cm x90 cm x110cm

Pallets: –

Benefits of our Intelli - Scale

Increase Productivity

The Intelli-scale enhances productivity by adapting to the specified weight capacity, providing tailored measurements for diverse applications.

Increased Revenue

The Intelli-scale contributes to increased revenue by combining precise weight measurements with RFID technology, allowing for enhanced tracking and identification, and optionally, providing real-time data accessibility through internet connectivity.

Increased Performance

With its swift data transfer capabilities, the system boosts overall performance, ensuring that weight measurements and RFID data seamlessly integrate into your PC/system.