T3 Gantry

Our UHF RFID Gantry, a floor-mounted solution, offers discrete yet powerful item tracking. With antennas embedded inside, it provides dual-height coverage, ensuring optimal tracking efficiency. 

Dimensions :

  • Depth 40
  • Height 159
  • Length 29
  • Width of detection distance: 2-4m

Benefits of Our Smart Gantry

Increased Productivity

By automating the RFID tag detection process, our gantry system significantly reduces the need for manual tracking, leading to improved operational efficiency and increased productivity.

Increased Revenue

Improved efficiency in inventory management and tracking translates to reduced losses, minimized errors, and ultimately increased revenue for businesses relying on RFID-tagged items.

Enhanced Performance

The high precision and adaptability of our gantry system contribute to enhanced performance in RFID tag detection, ensuring a reliable and streamlined tracking process.

Clients Using Our Smart Gantry