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Tunity Technologies Pte Ltd is a Singapore Internet-of-Identities specialist founded in 2003 by two technopreneurs – Ms. Lim Peck Hui and Mr. Chung Say Kin – who own 4 RFID technology patents between them. Prior to establishing Tunity Technologies, Ms Lim and Mr Chung pioneered the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) business in ST Electronics.

Over the years, our exploration into a multitude of technologies has uniquely positioned us to offer cutting-edge solutions, specifically designed for track-and-trace purposes. By leveraging a diverse range of technologies, we ensure that our solutions not only meet but exceed your expectations in providing effective and efficient track and trace capabilities.

The name Tunity came from a contraction of the phrase “Tuning In Unity”. We chose this name because for every custom solution to work properly, all the components in the system must be tuned in such a way that they operate as one unit. And that describes perfectly what Tunity Technologies is all about.

Our Awards 

Our Milestones 

First RFID Library System

World first fully integrated RFID library system launched for National Library Board, paving the way for the rest of the libraries in the world today.

Birth of Tunity

Tunity was born, a spin off from ST Electronics Ltd, after the win in National Library Board under ST Engineering.

Additional Training

We learnt about Active RFID technology products from Wavetrend in Africa. We are grateful for the trust and support from Wavetrend to allow us to represent them in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Visionary Singapore Leaders

Using of Active RFID technology to do tracing for conference delegates for the first Globalentrepolis Seminar and contact tracing for hospital during SARS.

Support from Large-Scale Enterprise

We are grateful for the collaboration and the positive exchanges from it.

Support from Government Agencies

Funded for Prisoners tracking solution for Tanah Merah Prisons, Singapore. This was the cornerstone for the rest of the prisons at Netherlands, Brunei and Malaysia.

Support from Strong Principles

We received sole distributorship from Syris to represent their Active RFID technology.

Management Buyout

We set up our software team to provide a one stop with full ownership in the development of solution to our customer. Learning all about software solutioning starts from 2009.

First Large Scale Personnel Tracking Development

We were grateful to the understanding customer who allow us time to perfect the solution.

World's First

We completed a world first fully integrated smart dispensing  shelf for a local hospital. This experience stressed us to focus on establishing strong project management and document.

First Artefact Tracking Project

We won the first largest scale of artefacts tracking project for the Heritage Conservation Centre, Singapore.

Full Tracking Solution For NGS

We deployed the full tracking solution for the National Gallery of Singapore.