The Tunity Technologies Brand Position is a statement of our strategic intent. It articulates what our brand is all
about and it provides a clear direction for the whole company in terms our innovation and marketing initiatives.
Our Brand Position is made up of the following 5 key components.

Our Vision

We Give Every Object Its Own Identity

The Brand Vision describes the kind of future that Tunity Technologies would like to create. Our Vision is to give every object in the world (machines, devices, products, parts, components, people, plants, animals, etc) its own unique identity. Only when each object has its own identity will the full potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) be realized. Our dream is to make that possible.



Our Mission

We develop high-performance RFID and wireless connectivity solutions and products

We analyze trends in RFID, IoI, IoT and wireless connectivity to anticipate clients’ needs

We attract, inspire, and grow people and partners who are passionate about what we do

The Brand Mission defines clearly the things that we need to do everyday in terms of Product, Process and People so that it will help us to achieve our Vision of giving every object its own identity. Our Mission is encapsulated in the 3 statements below:

Internet-of-Identities (IoI)

The Brand Category describes the space that Tunity Technologies play in. Our Category is defined as the Internet-of-Identities
(IoI). We are an IoI company because our RFID solutions give every object in the client’s eco-system a unique identity which allows
each asset to be Visible, Traceable, Connected, and Accountable. Only with IoI will the world be able to unleash the full power of IoT.

Amplifying Your Productivity

The Brand Value Proposition simply defines the No. 1 benefit that we bring to our clients.  While we deliver multiple benefits to all our clients, the Value Proposition above defines the most important benefit that our clients will realize through our RFID solutions.

Tunity Technologies’ RFID solutions enhances dramatically the Visibility, Traceability, Connectivity, and Accountability of each object in the client’s business, resulting in a sharp rise in the client’s Productivity.  In other words, our RFID solutions function like a productivity amplifier.



We operate as an independent entity so that clients get the best and most unbiased solution to their RFID problem.


We always look for new ways to do things better, faster, and cheaper regardless of where the idea is from.


We always do what we say, and we always say what we do in all our dealings with colleagues, clients and partners.

The Brand Values articulate the 3 values that are the most important to us. These are the 3 values that shape our behavior both as individuals and a company.