Solutions For The Four P.I.L.A.

Tunity Technologies’ provides advanced solutions for the following areas:

  1. Personnel Tracking
  2. Inventory Management
  3. Library Management
  4. Asset Management

Personnel Tracking

An organization’s personnel is arguably its most important asset and it is therefore important to understand where each personnel is and what they are doing to better manage this valuable resource.  Our Personnel Tracking platform offers holistic tracking from the point of registration to the point of de-registration.  Customized alerts can be triggered for various events.  We are able to provide solutions for:

  • Workforce – For organizations who take workplace security and safety seriously.
  • Students – For quick roll call and report generation of students’ attendance in schools.
  • Inmates – For efficient monitoring of prisoners.
  • Visitors & Guests – For building up personalized customer relationship with your visitors and guests.

Inventory Management

Many organizations have inventory and to track and manage the inventory manually is time and labour consuming.  It is also prone to errors because humans make mistakes.  Our Inventory Management system is tested-and-proven over 15 years, and we have relentlessly enhanced the system to be better, faster and cheaper over time.  With Tunity Technologies’ Inventory Management system, you will always know:

  • Where your assets are.
  • Who accessed the assets.
  • When the assets were taken.
  • What assets were taken.

Tunity Technologies collaborated with A*STAR and SIMTech to develop a new, low-cost and fully-integrated system called Smart Management Tracking System (SMTS) that allows SMEs to implement an advanced RFID inventory management system to achieve higher efficiency in everyday operations.

Library Management

There are two types of libraries – public and private.  While we often think of school or public libraries when the word library is mentioned, many companies, ministries and statutory boards also have libraries that are full of valuable resources and reference materials.  That is why it is critical for libraries to be able to manage their inventory accurately and efficiently.  Tunity Technologies Library Management system is a secure Cloud-based system designed to meet the needs of the modern library.  It offers the following functions that enable efficient management of any library:

  • Cataloging – Provides systematic records of any library collection.
  • CRM – Provides accurate and reliable records of library patrons.
  • UX (User Experience) Optimized – Provides seamless check-out-check-in of library materials.
  • On-Demand Statistics – Provides easy access to statistical analysis to aid in decision-making.
  • Real-Time Reports – Provides instant access to management reports like outstanding loans or overdue loans.
  • Hassle-Free Stock Take – Provides easy access to inventory information as and when needed.
  • Personalization – Provides special-access accounts for library patrons to search or make reservations of library materials anywhere and anytime.

Asset Management

Tunity Technologies’ Asset Management system is a secure Cloud-based system developed specifically to meet the needs and demands of asset visibility and accountability.  The main purpose is to allow clients to efficiently locate and monitor assets and better utilize their resources.  Our Asset Management system is embedded with the following features:

  • Tracking – User-friendly interface to allow users to monitor the zonal location of tagged assets.
  • Alerts –  An alert will go out when a tag is removed, tampered with or misplaced.
  • Inventory Audit – Allows the physical count of assets to be cross-checked against system records during that period.  Misplaced items are located and identified efficiently on shelf.
  • Management – Allows for the management of passwords, access rights, load period, overdue period, category of users and black listing of users.
  • Reporting – Management reports such as daily transaction reports, period of loan of assets by department/s, etc, can be easily generated for management review.
  • Statistics – Statistical information can be accessed easily for high-circulation assets.