Timbre+ RFID Auto tray return system

Dear Tunity,

I would like to first show my appreciation on your recent contribution at Timbre+. As a Singaporean, it has always bothered me that we had a culture where old aunties or uncles move around food courts to collect the trays and leftover food. It literally takes less than 30 seconds to return the tray, but no one ever did it all until the tray return system was installed at Timbre+. It put in me shame from time to time when my foreign friends asked questions like “where do I return the tray?” and my answer had to be “just leave it there” when the aunties and uncles were looking at us. With the tray return system at Timbre+, it seemed that everyone was actually returning their trays, if not, the uncles and aunties looked very happy to take the left trays for the extra $1 reward. As the cleaners now can finally focus more on cleaning up the unintended mess that people created, man! I’ve never seen such a clean hawker centre before in my life! After asking around for a while, I came across your name as a RFID vendor. I’m personally not really into technology so I had no clue what RFID was or it meant; but surely enough, you, as a RFID vendor, did an amazing job on changing behaviours of Singaporeans at Timbre+. I bet it was not an easy task, since I also hear complaints from others that why we need to do it when there are people getting paid to do it. But they seemed to not understand how the operating costs would impact the food cost! With the automated RFID tray return system, I am sure Timbre+ was able to lower the operating costs by a lot compared to other food courts. Please keep it up! I hope other food courts would also take you as a RFID vendor to turn the world into a better place.

Best regards,