RFID Seminar at Zebra HQ was a success!

On June 28th, Tunity Technologies held a low-cost RFID seminar with our trust partners; Zebra, SIMTech A*Star, and GS1. We had a total of 28 attendees, and they shared positive feedbacks with us. We were most touched by the passions the attendees shared through intensive Q&A sessions; many of the business owners were seeking to improve their business processes to take advantages over their competitors.

In response to their needs, Tunity Technologies has been a market leader for providing RFID solutions to companies of different sizes. Through consistent technology innovations, we plan to be the pioneers of the uncertain future with positive sustainable business relationships. We thrive to achieve higher efficiency through low-cost solutions in partnerships with other like-minded companies.

Topics covered during the seminar were,

GS1 / EPC RFID Standards system

Tunity / RFID Advantages and RFID Grant Packages:


Zebra / Zebra hardware

We would like to thank everyone that participated in the event; we hope that the information provided during the RFID seminar was helpful to you. If you have missed the RFID seminar, do not worry! We will be hosting the seminar at least once every three months, so you will have ample time to participate in the RFID seminar with our partners!