PALM Asset Management System is a web based system developed specifically to meet the needs and demands of asset visibility and accountability.  The main purpose is to allow clients to efficiently locate and monitor asset resources and better utilize their resources. PALMS Assets offers the following:

  Tracking – User friendly interface to allow user to monitor the zonal location of tagged assets.

  Alert – Alert when tag is moved/tampered or misplaced.

  Stock Taking/Auditing – Physical count assets are systematically checked against system loan records during that period. Misplaced items are located and identified efficiently on shelf.

  Management – The systems allows management of passwords, access rights, load period, overdue period, category of members and black listing of members.

  Report – Management reports like daily transaction reports, period of loan of assets by department etc, can be easily generated for management decisions.

  Statistics – Statistical information can be accessed easily for the high circulation assets.