Peck Hui Lim
Peck Hui LimManaging Director

Ms Lim started her career in the Ministry of Defence, Singapore and was instrumental in various cost saving projects in her mainstream work in Budget Dept and as a productivity activist in the Ministry.

Supported Defence Secretary (Technology) as the Secretary, Economic Drive Committee to drive economics development in MINDEF.

In ST Electronics, she established Radio Frequency Identification businesses and played a key role in developing the Patent System and Innovation Award and promoting research and development activities in ST Electronics Ltd. She strongly believes that continuous innovation is the key for sustainability.

Founded Tunity Technologies Pte Ltd in 2003. She is one of the two founders for Tunity Technologies Pte Ltd.

Throughout her career, Peck Hui is a strong advocator of productivity as she believes that productivity is the engine of development and growth. This explains her passion for RFID technology as she witnessed the transformation and improvement when her clients adopt RFID technology in their operation and work processes. She aims to help more businesses transformed their operation successfully and scale greater heights.

Ms.Lim has 2 patents under her name.

Say Kin Chung
Say Kin ChungTechnology Director

Mr Chung Say Kin was in charge of the fleet maintenance and planning for missile systems in RSN (Republic Singapore Navy) for 12 years before he joined the ST group of companies for the next 20 years. As a RF engineer trained in Israel, he managed the SAF communication equipment support requirement in Chartered Electronics Industries Pte Ltd.

Mr Chung was the Division Manager in charge of the Radio Frequency Division in CET Technologies Pte Ltd (or now known as ST Elect (Infocomm Systems Pte Ltd).

As Project Manager for the following projects, Mr Chung successfully translated clients’ vision into reality:

  • PSA AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle)
  • Local production of vehicular and manpack radios
  • National Library Board RFID project
  • Production of Digital Radios

He is one of the two founders for Tunity Technologies Pte Ltd whom he steers the company towards strong technical solution and realistic innovation since 2003.

Mr.Chung has 4 patents under his name.